Timer Initial Parent

You might try dlg1.ShowModalwithin() and pass the window you want it to be in front of…?

No “ShowModalwithin” that is deprecated and has no effect in Windowz

I tracked the problem down to a reference to canvas1.invalidate in the Resized Window Method. Canvas1 is behind the SaveDialog.
I’m not sure what activates the Resized Event but as soon as I remark this line out it works as expected and the same as the Mac.
Would this be a bug or my shoddy programming?

Put a breakpoint in the window.resized event, when it fires look in the Stack, if there’s one entry its caused by the framework, if there’s more than one entry, its caused by your code, in that case you can see what caused it and clicking it on the stack will jump your code view to the code that changed the size of the window.

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