textfield under NSStatusItem?

This is almost certainly different than what Richard created, but it does the same thing (I believe).

and the link to the image used in the project:

It starts off perfectly centred below the StatusItem, but if you change the window type, the position moves?
I’m sure if you changed it’s window type to modal dialogue, and set it’s top position - it would look almost like spotlight.

I have made a couple of changes.

Here is the new link:
Modified Project File

You still need the original image file from Jason’s download link.

Updated my project to use modal dialog.

Version 3 project file:

Version 3 project file


Super nice!

Just needs to hide/close the window on a second click or when losing focus!

My version 3 has quit added to it, which can easily be changed to close / hide etc :slight_smile:
Just remember to download Jason’s image file.

[quote=104396:@Kuzey Atici]Super nice!

Just needs to hide/close the window on a second click or when losing focus![/quote]
It does hide the window on the second click on the StatusItem, and I just added the line of code to the window deactivate event to close it when the window loses focus. The link I posted earlier will continue to have any changes made.

cool :slight_smile:

just noticed, if you click on the statusItem, and then click on the desktop - you will need to click twice on the statusItem in order to re-open it.

Richard, re-download the project from the link above, I fixed that a few hours ago when I noticed it.

Thanks Jason.

How did you get the macoslib NSSearchField to have a focus ring?
I have set the NSSearchField in my project to use the focus ring (in the inspector) - but it never actually gets the focus ring?

I didn’t do anything special, in fact mine still shows a focus ring if I set it to false in the inspector, so I’m not sure what to say. Maybe try to copy the NSSearchField from my project into yours and see if it still has a focus ring?

Will try that tomorrow, thanks.

Nice work, it just needs the bells & whistles like in this nsstatusitem menu example and it’ll be perfect :slight_smile:

Ok, this is probably a first:

Does anyone still have a copy of any of my own project files which I posted above a couple of years ago - I no longer have a local copy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose you have Time Machine set up and turned on?

No - I started time machine about a year later :frowning: