Text will not show when ID = 1

All right…

The suspected (??) error may be found in OPEN.

http://www.syscare.se/files/seo.zip (Source code, latest version of Xojo.)

There are about one trillion other errors and no successful professional efforts, but please, try to stick to the topic!

At the bottom of your loadkeyword method you set txtURL.text = “”

Oh dear… Thank you!!
It’s truly embarrassing…
It’s the power of copy/paste! I wasn’t even aware that it was triggered and it was difficult for me to find where it was called.

Finally, I can continue with these things… Thank you for all efforts!!

EDIT (sometimes works!! Thank you!!)
Why wasn’t the error called each time!? Not in the compiled version and not in the URL’s added in the User Interface…
Well, if it’s working, then don’t touch it! Maybe we shall just leave it like that!

Sometimes it just takes another pair of eye’s to see the problem - I’ve been in that state myself before.

The problem only occurred if the method was called which required some keywords.

Good luck with the rest of your project.