Take picture with iSight camera

@Juan Carlos Alcedo Velarde

Can you test this adapted Version

Your new version worked Jason.
Axel, your adapted version behaves as the first one. It keeps Launching Application.

got error on this variable ObjCBlocks. say item does not exist.

me too.

What is “ojbblocks”?

no idea.

Do you have the Blocks plugins ? (https://forum.xojo.com/conversation/post/24713)

[quote=213613:@Jason King]
You will need the blocks plugin from @Joe Ranieri located here for everything to work: https://forum.xojo.com/conversation/post/24713[/quote]

it is working now… thanks

I am using Diamond OneTouch VideoCapture for Mac OS and I am using Debut.

I can use my Nikon D3200 camera connected to the above to capture still images on My MacMini.

I have downloaded …

isight camera 3.0.xojo_binary_project

I put Blocks.xojo_plugin in Xojo 2015 Release 4/Plugins

isight camera 3.0.xojo_binary_project compiles and the window opens

but nothing is seen on the window, when I click Capture, I get this error…

How can I fix that?



Try this new project. It will let you select a camera from a list of available cameras. I don’t have a usb camera to test it with, but I think it should work.

Hi Jason,


My camera is not a USB camera.

I use VideoGlide Capture and Diamond OneTouch VideoCapture this allows me to connect my Nikon D3200 camera via a USB cable to my Mac.

I can use Debut software with the above to stream video to my mac and capture still images.

I tried isight camera 3.0 usb.xojo_binary_project as you recommended, it compiled but clicking the PopupMenu does not show anything including the Nikon D3200.

What could the problem be?

Thanks again.