String manipulation for cleaning word

Look at the TextInputStream class. It has a ReadLine method.

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Or ReadAll if the file isn’t that big.

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You can, just add comments to your future self, or others, to get it faster.

Federico, you, by any chance, have multi-line constructs? Like:

/* remove */ valid text /* remove */
/* remove */ valid text /* remove
remove remove
remove */ valid text /* remove */

Yes, but there’s nothing better than actually being able to read and understand your own code. :grinning:

It’s little used, but you can embed comments right in a pattern, e.g.:

(?U)(?# Make Ungreedy)/\*(?# Opening delimiter)[\s\S]*(?# Zero or more of anything)\*/(?# Closing delimiter)

Even better, you can split up complex patterns with whitespace using the (?x) switch, e.g.:

(?x)        # Free-space mode

(?U)        # Ungreedy
/\*         # Opening delimiter
  [\s\S]*   # Zero or more of anything
\*/         # Closing delimiter

Yes, there is. Being able to read any well documented code and documenting our own.

I dislike for example comments IN the pattern. I do prefer a clean pattern and proper comments outside saying what such pattern does.

I suppose a hybrid approach could be used:

Patter = ""
Pattern = Pattern + "(?U)"      # Ungreedy
Pattern = Pattern + "/\*"       # Opening delimiter
Pattern = Pattern + "[\s\S]*"   # Zero or more of anything
Pattern = Pattern + "\*/"       # Closing delimiter

You’d have to add + EndOfLine to each line though.

Sorry I didn’t understand the question. However, I need to have what you wrote in the example.

Thanks for the code , it’s perfect. Simply and elegant.

Thanks everyone for the support.
Especially to Kem Tekinay, Chay Wesley. Their code is perfect and the two work great.

Thank you.



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Do you have remarks starting in one line, but not ending in the same line, but next one or further?

/* sdfgsdfg

Or all them start and end in the same line

/* dgsdfgsfdg */

What I wrote WAS an example of such content.

That determines if you can read and apply the filter one line at a time or need to read all the content and apply it globally.

Why the pattern works without them.

You’re right, I missed that you were no longer using the (?x) switch.

You would have to switch to a valid comment char also. # doesn’t work with Xojo. But strangely ’ which does, doesn’t seem to work with the code box.

Disregarding the syntax error, I do prefer it solved all at once at compile time as a constant.

Const Pattern As String =  "(?U)"     _  // Ungreedy
                        +  "/\*"      _  // Opening delimiter
                        +  "[\s\S]*"  _  // Zero or more of anything
                        +  "\*/"         // Closing delimiter
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if only _ looked that good in the IDE, I would use it more.

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It can look good enough