Storing serial data for later review

Well I really don’t need to go crazy. Simple TXT file that I can import to Excel is fine.

I cant see me doing an SQL at this early stage in my programming in XOJO, and I cold not find that in the library so lets not confuse this old geezer more than I already is, am LOL :slight_smile:

ah had you aid you were going to pull it into excel I would not have suggested a database

a db would let you do things like put a timestamp on the data then select it our order by timestamp or other criteria

which my guess would be thats what you might do with Excel ?

No, I am comparing two A/D converter boards…an old one, and the new replacement I designed. I want to compare the results and see how well the new one does compared to the old one with a calibrated reference input to the boards…Long story, very long and boring story :stuck_out_tongue:

Then change .Unix to .MacOS?

Thnaks all for the helpful ideas. I did not ry much of them, but in taking DerkJ’s suggestion about the examples I found a solution that works exactly for what I needed to do. In the XOJO Framework examples there is a project called TextFileCreator and it has the action item I was looking for. Since I am not using this app for anything other than internal testing I used that code and things are doing what I want.

There is some great info in this thread. Will keep it in mind for future as I am sure it will come up again. I will certainly look into the SQLlite as I do have a possible application for that