SQLiteDatabase is so slow

maybe some utility methods in your database subclass?

Thanks Greg and Dave. I could see that you were both providing advice that helped me to understand the solution I needed. And yes Greg. You are quite right. I had never seen the need before to use transactions despite having written about 10-15 programmes using databases. I guess the need wasn’t so great with REALSQLDatabases if auto commit was turned off by default.

Christian, why would I want to increase the cache size? Would that make the loading even faster?

bigger cache makes SQLite much faster!

Having more cache on just about any database will help it perform better to be honest. MS SQL Server, for instance, eats as much memory as it can from the system by default for caching the database - you can tone it back too so that the system gets some memory to work with. It’s always faster to read from memory than to read from a storage device.