split function in 64bit is terribly slow

So Retina support is a huge work ?

Understood. Thanks Joe.

On the Mac it’s well understood. If I understand it correctly, it’s not as clear cut in Windows as Microsoft has attempted several ways to implement HiDPI in the various OS releases.

It would seem that Windows 10 has standardized the way it should work. Which is not so far from the way Retina does.

What is less clear is how our apps are to deal with the previous iterations. For instance not long ago a user of RubberViews bumped into the peculiar way Windows 7 was scaling text, but not the rest.

Hi, do you have an idea when split / join in 64-bit will work?
I wrote my own function with CountFields / NthField but before modify all my programs to test them in 64-bit (replacing split by my function), I would like to know if we can expect it in 2 or 3 months (in this case I will wait) or if it will be longer.
Thank you.

To save anyone else the time of looking this up in Feedback:

40961 - 64-Bit Split Bug … FIXED 30Jun 2017 at 16:10
40702 - 64-bit Splitting Large Strings Fails … FIXED 06Jul 2017 at 16:02