Simply closing feedback cases without any explanation

i not like key combinations because if you hit the wrong key by mistake your pc make anything
and then guess what key you had pressed! (the only combinations i use are ctrl c,x,v)
what i like to see is a menu lock all,unlock all,lock selected,unlock selected.
i like also a real lock that the control and event source could be locked to prevent any changes.
apart from this i can not memory 100+ key combinations …

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I talked to @Jason_Parsley and Xojo insists that the new behaviour is the best behaviour.
Apparently they got a number of messages from users saying that they were happy that they made the change (at least they are saying so).

So I filed a feature request for a setting (please subscribe):

Aghh yes I forgot Alt key was already used, as Shift and Ctrl. :frowning:
I will think about it and write a review on the link above because that’s a missing thing in Xojo IDE.

I asked to reopen Case 63973 then, I can’t move locked controls in Web 2.0 with the arrow keys but can do it with Desktop and iOS projects.

Maybe Xojo itself should think about what they want?


Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell
March 10, 2021 - 11:48am UTC
Controls should not be moveable or resizable if they are locked.

Btw.: I totally agree with Robin :wink: .


And should have a way of being excluded in a group select (drag a select rectangle around n components, all will be selected, except those locked). Maybe a toggle setting in the right-click: “:ballot_box_with_check: exclude locked controls from selection”

A thing we often read, here. Without any proof, i do not believe it. I did not count the pro and contra „votes“ here, but have the feeling it‘s about 50:50. In such cases an option to meet the users preference is recommended.


Users are happy, you are the only one complaining about that… We know what is best… :roll_eyes:

Yes, that would be the best solution beetween the name of the function (a real lock) and a custom behavior someone want.