SimBarcodes - 15 Barcode Types (so far...)

[quote=202230:@Greg O’Lone]Matt,

Just curious, why did you mark QRCode as requiring the Internet?[/quote]

Before QRCode was made standardized and opened to the public, it was proprietary like the GIF image format, and was made available only through Denso’s (denso is the QRCode creator) early pseudo-API’s. Last year I released the old code I had sitting around since 2006ish and saw no need to update the API method as it still worked. Although, it was found that Denso’s method did not support full UTF-8 encoding, so the code was updated using newer API’s. Unlike code39/EAN/etc., there were no API methods which existed at that time to generate barcodes, so those are drawn purely from code. Within the demo, inside the groupbox, those methods were updated again 2008ish when APIS were made available (most no longer available as of 2013/14, with exception to QRCodes whose API will most likely remain available nearly indefinately). The groupbox codes, with exception of QRCodes, will be removed in the updated code as they were primarily for comparison between code drawn and industry drawn codes. If it was requested, we coukd draw the QRCodes entirely from code, but since it’s not broken I saw no need to fix it, and with QRCodes, the randomality that different codes will need to be created in mass quantities is extremely rare (except in the automobile industry).

I actually removed the download link about 2 hours ago from being available while I update the source to be current (with the K/R fix for code39…amazing what 2 rows of pixels can do for a Barcode :-p). If anyone still wants it, it’ll be back shortly. Just didnt want the broken code being downloaded like wildfire until it was fixed. I like to keep code updated and working, and the K/R issue hadn’t been reported, so I have had no need to do any updates since last year. Ironically, I was just browsing add-ons today when I saw this post resurrected. (I miss email notifications for conversations I started…any notification really…is that a forum bug?)

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My little star is yellow :-). I’ve noticed that if I haven’t visited the forums for about 3 days, or if more than about 5 threads have been replied to, no notification beyond the last 2 popup. I did notice that clicking the “0” (notification display) in the box by the menu button at the top right does still show recent activity in chronological order even though notices don’t appear. Most times it’s easier to check an email and click a link though. I get audio notices for emails :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be fixed when Flarum has a stable release since esoTalk has been depreciated and will no longer be supported. Yet another forum change/replacement.