Showing audio waveforms from a movie

I am looking for a simple way to show the audio wave-forms from an mp4 or qt movie. The last post I found is from 2016 and I was hoping there is an easier way than that time? I tried to find out more on how to use MBS AVFoundation. But I could not find a documented way, how to use it for this purpose. And I really would like to know how to do it, before I spend 350 Euros. Anybody happen to know more on this? Thanks for any advice!

You can still use the plugin in debug mode without buying it.

Also AVFoundation appears to be for Mac only. My app should run on various systems…

FFMpeg I got running, making audiowave-PNGs from movies. But the users of my software won’t be ready to install additional software…

Can you include FFMpeg ‘inside’ your app?

How? And is that legal?

you should detect is ffmpeg is installed, and download and launch the installer if not present.
may be @Valdemar_De_SOUSA can help here.

“Unredistributable if compiled with any software with a license incompatible with the GPL.” FFmpeg - Wikipedia
So it depends on your software.

They used to have a big problem with it and had a “wall of shame”
So… being amicable would be the best path in my opinion.