Setting PopupMenu Height

Is there any update on this… I am trying to get a 28px tall popupmenu with 18pt text…

just tried setting a combobox to 28 pixels tall in VB 6 as well and it doesnt work either
except as you noted elsewhere by using a different font & font size
which is a damned hard way to control the size

Interesting if depressing thread - i’m trying to adjust the height of a combobox and can’t it in any way get that to work (testing in MacOS Catalina)

I presume no update or feasible workarounds for this?

Undex macOS, you have no control over the height, it is what it is…
Under Windows the height can change at run time depending on the font size at runtime is.

I just made a property inspector control, and in order to get the Popup the same size under both macOS and WIndows, I had to decrease the standard font size I was using if running windows.

So… basically there is no “workaround” for macOS, and change the fontsize for Windows

I would appreciate it, if you have time, if you could tell me which bugs you found, so I can fix them.

On Mac, PopupMenu does not change height.

On Windows, I was able to change height, but the little arrow part on the right does not change height.

I must say, the inability to resize controls in an IDE on Mac shouldn’t be acceptable, and neither should the difficulty resizing on Windows - especially given that XOJOs selling point is cross-platform development. I have long been aware of these issues but increasingly they are increasingly bugging me. At this point other environments, such as Flutter/Dart, look much more appealing as a cross-platform dev environment.

I know it probably won’t change anything, but have opened a ticket: 58003 - unable to resize control height (buttons, comboboxes, popups)

It is not the fault of Xojo: Apple makes it impossible to change height for standard buttons, comboboxes and popupmenu.

I never played with Flutter, but it may be using custom controls.

If you really need/want to be able to control buttons height, use bevelButtons.

For combobox and popupmenu, You can create your own with bevelbutton/TextField, and Listbox in a ContainerControl. That is what I do in Check Writer.

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