SetSoundVolumeMBS does not work?

How about this one?

I finally could test with this program. It provides the information I’m looking for, and my app at least works.

However, it’s a bit slow. I’m monitoring two output volumes every 2 seconds, with 2 calls for a single probing (the volume level and whether it’s muted). One shell call to this app takes between 0.13333 and 0.18 second, which means for my four calls, 0.66666 second is taken each time, where the app waits for the shell, hanging.
Certainly, there should be an existing API which wouldn’t wait for a shell result :man_shrugging:

Thanks anyway.

I wonder if you could use dependency walker to figure out what api or dll it was calling?

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That looks promising, I’ll take a look. Thanks!

This is what’s called “reverse engineering”, right? I though that was illegal :thinking: