Sending data to a WebSDK control from client Javascript

Nope. I was able to use the SDK control in Web 1.00, but got stuck with Web 2.00. Sorry.

How about this… do you have anything at all working? Is it something you could share with me and @Anthony_G_Cyphers privately so we might point out what’s wrong?

Well now I’m confused. I just looked at the examples that we provided and there’s one called Callback Example (Extras > WebSDK > Examples) that does exactly what you’re talking about. it is a non-visual control that contains a callback to send data to the server.

Let me try. Thank you Greg.

In that example remember to comment the line with decodeBase64 since it’s not needed and as side effect destroys the encoding so you got an error about this issue.


You are right, of course, Greg. That works perfectly.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: