Send both computer shut down command and Quit my application

Hi Kem,

I just launched the AppleScript itself, I did not use it from any app.

I saw this…

   defaults write org.x.X11 wm_auto_quit -bool true
           Automatically  quit  quartz-wm  (thus  shutting  down  the  X11
           server) when the last window is closed.

   defaults write org.x.X11 wm_auto_quit_timeout -int 3
           Set the timeout for the auto-quit feature.  If wm_auto_quit  is
           true,  quartz-wm  will wait this many seconds before attempting
           to shutdown.  If  another  window  is  created  in  that  time,
           quartz-wm will not shutdown.

Is it possible to code that in Xojo?



Okay, so I was half an hour away from giving up with my super slow VirtualBox Mac testing machine but it finally work.
For the record if anyone try this here are my findings:

Write an AppleScript in my case:

delay 5 tell app "System Events" to shut down

Save it as usual or export it to your project location for project management convenience.
Name it whatever suits you, I named it SDSq.scpt
Open the project
Import/Drag the script onto the project Contents/Navigator.


  1. For some reason I can’t add Quote in the App.Close so I had to move the code elsewhere, I used my existing timer for this
  2. FolderItem.ShellPath did not work only NativePath
    The code in the timer look like so:

If Shutdown Then #if TargetMacOS Then Dim k As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Resources.Child("SDSq.scpt") If k <> Nil and k.Exists Then cmd = "osascript """ + k.NativePath + Quote End If #Elseif TargetWindows Then cmd = "shutdown -s -t 15 -c ""Scheduled Shutdown starts in 15 seconds By By""" #endif End If Me.Mode = 0 Quit

In the App.Close event I ended up with this:

If Shutdown Then dim sh as new Shell sh.Execute cmd #If TargetMacOS Then // Give it two seconds dim targetTicks as integer = Ticks + 120 while Ticks < targetTicks App.YieldToNextThread wend #endif End If
Note: in case any other machine is logged on to the target machine you are trying to shut down, the script will never get carried out by itself, a confirmation dialog box pops out and nothing shall happen if no one confirms it.