Save a listbox Drag re-order?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! - I think my brain is lapsing into a state of understanding :slight_smile:

I think my problem was that I was expecting the (i) in this line of code:

WHERE id = " + lbData.RowTag(i).StringValue)

to start at 0 and increment (the same as the (i) in the following code:

SET position = " + str(i)

That’s is why I expected both (i)s to be identical.

I need to get away from this for half hour and have a cup of tea.
If it still makes sense in 30 minutes time - I know I have definitely understood the concept.

Thank you for your patience.
It’s strange how 20 explanations make no sense, and then the 21st seems logical :slight_smile:

Yes, i does increment sequentially, but RowTag(i) will be different.

Got it!!!
Thank you so much!