Running Xojo Web App As A Web Service In Windows Server

So to be clear you’re saying now it’s set up I can’t use nssm?

That is correct.
If you want to use Nssm then you will need to remove the service using sc command and then add it back using nssm.
By using Nssm it just does a better job of monitoring the service and restarting it if the program dies.

Thanks for clarifying.

My last open question:

If I place the web app in Windows Server 2012 Program Files sub-folder and I want to write an error.log file in UnhandledExpection event, will it write to subfolder of Progam Files if I set “f.Permissions = &o600” or do I have to place the log file somewhere else?

Shouldn’t your log files go in Program Data? (SpecialFolder.SharedApplicationData)

If your program is running as a windows service then it will have permission to write to the app location. Tim’s answer is a better solution though.

Thank you.