Running a Web App from the IDE


I am using 2020r1 to learn about Web API 2.0. So I run the apps from the IDE. Oh, I work on Windows 10 2004.

When I start the app, as expected it is launched in the default browser, but this is what get inserted in the address bar (from copy & paste):


What is displayed is %22http://" The browser is Edge. I get:

%22http’s server IP address could not be found. or localhost:8080 work. With older versions of the IDE, running from the IDE was not a problem.

Why is the address pushed that way to the browser ? Is it a bug, and if so is there a feedback case already assigned ?


Create a bugreport and/or search for it in feedback

That’s equivalent to http://"http//"

Feedback vase 61634.

odd … worked fine here with a new install of 2020r1 on Windows 10 and a brand new app with just a button on the page
launched just fine in edge

I have this with Xojo examples and those of Brock Nash.

I tried with a new project with only a button, same issue. I think this PC is possessed by a bad spirit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I remember two years ago having strange issues developing a Web app. I would like to find out what’s wrong on that computer. And I don’t want to reinstall Windows from scratch because it will take a long time to reinstall all the applications.


Tried with an example in 2019r3, same issue. Tried the same on my other computer, also Windows 2019r3 and it works fine. For sure there is something wrong with my dev computer :ghost:.

I did a fresh installation of Windows 10 2004. Not yet done with reinstalling a gazillion applications, but the strange bug in Xojo is now gone :smile:. I guess that time I am done with all the strange behaviours on this computer !

I shut down my computer last night. When I started it this morning, it is doing the same Gilles reported except that I am getting a quotation mark at the end instead of %22. I am running 2020r1.1 on Windows 10 and have been since beta.

More information, including a fix, is available here:

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