Restricted ComboBox

Date picker is the only custom control I ever made but It’s growing on me :wink:

When I make my custom combo box I wish for similar professional quality. I’m planning to use an in memory database to store that list and then return a limited list of results(user setting default 5000). This keeps the control fast with a large list. Who really wants to scroll through 20k results?

I’m thinking something like this: (Tested with over 60k items)

My moto is: ‘The only thing limiting the programmer is the creativity of the programmer.’

Although many things can make life handier. :slight_smile:

I checked out your project. I’m sorry but it’s not even close to working. My first attempt a custom control started something like that :slight_smile:

I put a sample project together for you to show how to validate input. This method of validation takes virtually no time even with a million records. While I don’t recommend restricting user input this sample shows how to do it (with only 20 lines of code).

sample project