Receive POST Data in a web app

@Michel Bujardet Thanks for your suggestion. This is the method I’m (now) using to access the Post Data. I have to wrap the data up in a query string and then redirect using HTML you suggested.

@Greg O’Lone Thanks for your reply. Previously, the POST data (not querystring parameters) was available to the session via Session.URLParameter. So the data was available at a Session level. I get why that was not appropriate in the end but if you were able to populate the Session.URLParameters with POST data, why not have the POST data in something like Session.Entity?

The posted data is coming from a variety of 3rd party applications that want to navigate to a URL whilst passing information in the POST data.

I’d file a feature request about that.

Just for completeness, what we have done in the end is to store the POST data in an App level dictionary using a GUID as the key. We then pass the GUID in the QueryString when redirecting and then in the Session, access the POST data from the dictionary using the GUID. We then delete the Dictionary record so the GUID can’t be reused.

This prevents the POST data being visible in the URL and also means that the URL with the GUID can’t be copied and reused (which was a requirement for us)

Hope that’s useful.