proportional digits in 2018r4’s systemfont

Nah, restrictions so I can’t view it.

Anyway, I’m thinking to introduce a new ERROR. Sometime we see Nan (not a number) but I want to go further: ONan, meaning “O” is not a number. :slight_smile: te he.

I’d like to hear the Jenny song - there must be another way.

Perhaps not helpful to the OP, but what a “blast from the past”. I love that song.

I reckon you could squeeze in 8675-3-Zero-9. A bit of mental and linguistic gymnastics, but doable :slight_smile:

fwiw: I’ve just wondered why an example project didn’t have proportional digits with the “System” Font, even though the example has been run on macOS 10.14 and with Xojo 2018r4.
The reason…? If you set the Build-Architecture to “macOS, 32Bit” -> no proportional digits (but a monospaced “System” Font, such as before). Switch to 64Bit, and you’ll get the “System” Font with proportional digits.