Project Recovery After IDE Crash Still Not Working

Feedback Case Number: 57884

Autorecovery of unsaved project files after an IDE crash was lost with 2019r2.
It is now missing for more than one year as I just experienced with 2020r2.
I feel this is a serious regression and wish that the ticket would get some attention soon.


Jesus saves. Always.

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Obviously he will be the only saviour. One year later, no change. Like just experienced. :weary:

Same here on Windows 10

I wouldn’t mind seeing some auto-save features in the future, or auto-save when clicking the run option to debug your app… That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

This is literally one line of code:

DoCommand "SaveFile"

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Forgive me… I’m new here… But where can I do that DoCommand? I want the IDE to save my work for me. Is there something I can setup to do that based on what you sent with the DoCommand “SaveFile” ??

Ok, this has just opened a whole new can of worms for me… I just found IDE Scripting window and I’m now reading docs on this. I’m scared! :slight_smile:

I got a T-Shirt like this…
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You can do a lot with IDE scripting. My main app has a dozen IDE scripts. And then there is the IDE communicator for building multiple apps.

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Real men/women don’t do backups.
But for that they cry very often. :sweat_smile:


Yea, I’m finishing up on the Webinar that Xojo did back in 2014 about the IDE Scripting. How after 2 months am I just finding out about this?? lol

So just to update you: Yes, IDE commands can be quite handy. I usually do not want to save every test code I write, and Xojo used to be quite stable until 2019r2 when it lost its AutoRecovery feature. That meant the IDE noticed it had crashed and offered to reconstruct the latest version – at maximum you lost a few lines of code. And if that did not work, you could close the project and reload it from the latest intentional save.

According to @Greg_O_Lone, this regression was fixed in March this year but was never verified and did not make its way into a release. Because the case was closed already, it maybe never will if not reinspected.