Please stop locking old outdated topics until you come up with solution so it does not mark them as unread

Web1 posts are essential because Web1 relevant material is disappearing from the documentation. The relevance does not expire in 6 months. Older posts are in fact more likely to be relevant.

But it is still in your Xjo verson who have Web1; in the preferences, set LOCAL documentation.

These are relative dates… until we get YYYY-MM-DD dates, the confusion will remains.

Doesn’t work on Linux.I know I can contact Xojo and they will help me except I am swapping between versions so it involves putting xojo versions into separate private areas which is quite doable on Linux if one has the time. But far easier to look on the forum. :slight_smile:

My pet peeve is when someone replies to an old post, that I had not previously read, with a barely related question and I end up wading through the old, already answered discussion just to find that the a-hole should have started a new thread with a decent title.

My use case may be different, though. I don’t search the forum or use the related suggestions. I browse the forum to keep current on what’s going on. So old stuff just ticks me off.


Thank you.


Ohh, I didn’t suggest evaporating all Web1 postings. I only think that it would have been beneficial to add an own category for web2 when it hit the market, which means having 2 categories in target one for web1 and one for web2. But then again, it would probably be impossible (or a lot of work) to ensure that all postings will be in the right category and than there are topics applying to both …

Usually on forum, it is asked to reused existing topic for a problem when the topic exists, in order to avoid many topics on the same subject.
Each person is supposed to know if he/she re-open an old topic or create a new one depending of what he/she want to write.

Was it a problem? Did many persons re-open old topic writing things which haven’t anything to do with the original topic?
If we are boring with that, we just have to open the last comment, and scroll to the previous topic, if it is to old and we don’t want to read we just close.
We could also, as someone wrote it above, put a different color for old topics which are re-activated.
I prefer indication and every persons do want he/she wants than forbid and lock thread.

Yeah, but I often learn something in the process anyway :slight_smile:



Unfortunately, you usually don’t land on the the most recent comment. You land on the last comment you read 5 years ago, or even the very first comment. It’s not immediately obvious that it is old.

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