Picture.Save and ExportPicture

After some years of exclusive use on macOS, I wanted to know how a project is working on WIndows 10 (Pro 2004)…

So, I loaded my Xojo,
Build for Windows,
Move the application into the shared directory,
Fired VirtualBox,
Fired the application.

Argh ! Whereis my template directory ?

OK, I copied it to the correct location (and I will have to add a post build application script…

I dropped a magazine cover and get an error (GDI+ !). By default my Xojo do not know how to load jpg images files…

I do the necessary changes, build a new version, move it, etc.

Yes ! I get my image and my icon is correctly built on screen ! Next stop is… save it to disk as standard .ico file !

Only .bmp is available ? Incredible.

How do I code that :frowning: Save PushButton ?

I used ExportPicture.
Documentation and… only one format officially supported by ExportPicture. Just to be sure, I get an eye on the API2 documentation (web) and… same useless file format.

All of a sudden, I get suspicious… What about Picture.Save ?

Stop drinking right now.

OK ? Now you can laugh loudy:

Picture.Save know how to save a Picture as JPG (GIF, PNG, TIFF and… BMP too).

I am speechless…

Like said a friend 40 years ago: “What a Macintosh was built for ?”
My today answer is: to create an .ico file for Windows.

Once more: “I am speechless !”.

I am curious: do you know a 2020 development environment that is incapable of exporting an image under Windows ?

BTW: my stomach is crying loud…

You talked about this earlier?

It’s a container for bmp and png. Sp you should be able to write it yourself using a binarystream

Yes, and I also get a solution.

What is incredible is that in 2020, Xojo still do not have that “simple“ solution.

Think, there is no built-in solution for addding meta data to files generated with Xojo (Exif - Wikipedia)…

No PopOver, no… and the list can be increased.

This is not a rant, just to show how things does not change with time.

Yes, there may exists third party add ons… but we lack basic things in Xojo.

Look at all basic questions who arise lately on this very good forum.

Xojo is more an empty shell than a full featured development environment.

You want to be able to Copy a ListBox Column ?
DIY no built in function.

Imagine a second you are developing a product for sale ? How many hours will it takes to add everything not built-in to achieve your goal ?

That amaze me (each time I fall into one of these hole).

At last, it is my fault: I had so many hopes for this …

Did I told you that a third party free solution exists to write into an .ico file ?

Save: save the data in a native (application) format.

Export: save the data in a different (usually more than one) file format.

So, concerning text data, save as text can be .txt.
Export text can be:
.csv, html, sqlite, json, and many other file formats including mixed data (binary and text saved into one file). Markdown in text file ? RTF ?

Read back my original text with the previous paragraph in mind.

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There is nothing to defend here, just missing basic functions that scream… “Add me!” "

I don’t want to put one more layer against API2, but replacing SpecialFolder.Vars with SpecialFolder.Variables is a real waste of time (small, but still).

But where is the backup function (ExportTo) heic in Xojo? Well, I think I made it clear what I meant:

“Still a lack in this development software”.

Adding to the list will do nothing.

As John Lennon sang more than 50 years ago:
“Nothing Gonna Change My World”, over 50 years ago. (album and movie “Let it Be”)