Picker for day of month

Before I reinvent the wheel: does anyone have a control where I can pick days from a month?

Like the screenshot below from Acronis:
Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 14.18.51

You can sort of with our CalendarControl I guess if you Flag the days you click as you click them. Though depends on what you need and how.

I already had a look at your calendar plugin. I don’t see a way to hide the header with the month/year/weekday information.

Additionally, the calendar plugin doesn’t look at all like the calendar in the date picker:

Currently, my app can archive emails daily, weekly and monthly. Monthly archiving is done on the first. I want to offer more options. So something like the first screenshot I posted from Acronis with the looks of your date picker is what I want to do.

Yea you are right, I understand better what you are trying now.

Your doing like Generic monthly not for particular month, I somehow missed that at first.

“Select first following date”
From: Picker for day of month - #3 by Beatrix_Willius

The interval will be:

Var now As DateTime = DateTime.Now
Var checkEvery As DateInterval = (selectedDate - now)

There you have your interval… it’s one way to present it…:wink:

Do you mean something like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-08 um 15.05.05

In the meanwhile you could really easy do it using a 7x5 Listbox w/o header, border, … :wink:

@Michael_Eckert : no, please see above.

@Sascha_S : very good idea.

Yes, I have a date picker in CalendarView.


And I know I have a desktop date picker stored somewhere