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Lets talk about Xojo realities instead of phantasies.

  1. Having Pro license does NOT mean someone makes their living coding . It just means they bought one. Some “hobbyists” do have Pro licenses. I myself at one time had a RS enterprise license.

  2. Secondly NOT having a pro license does NOT mean someone does NOT make their living coding.

  3. Most “hobbyists” are writing applications for use at work , and not only for their own use. Many of us write apps for use by others (sometime many others) at work (that has always been the case for me), so their TECHNICAL concerns overlap nearly 100% with those of “pros”. The only issues where there is not a lot of overlap is on the business end.

Most of us are not writing checkbook or recipe apps for home use. In point of fact if not for the in depth discussions on the NUG I likely would not be a Xojo customer today.

Maybe that puts things in context for you.

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