OpenGLSurface not refreshing

While running Xojo 2017r3…

With HiDPI turned on:
Both macOS/Windows 32-bit and macOS 64-bit gives the same error as above i.e. a NilObjectException error in the Constructor of X3Texture since, while texture exists, it cannot get the Mask property:

But Windows 64-bit gives the Feedback error mentioned below.

With HiDPI turned off:
Runs OK with macOS 32/64-bit
Runs OK with Windows 32-bit
Runs OK with Windows 64-bit the IDE gives a Feedback error Framework failed assertion at runctl.cpp:2260:

So even if I choose to forego HiDPI, I could not produce a Windows 64-bit version of my app.

Possibly related? <>

Yes, I believe they’re related since I too was getting a solid black (or grey) image in my app on Windows instead of the cube picture.