Open Xojo app on Raspberry Pi 3b

I can’t thank you enough!!! It worked and I think I might cry from relief. Although my pi keeps resetting permissions itself I don’t know why, but it WORKED!!! Now I need to add some IR sensors and relays in this but now that I’ve accomplished the basics I’ll be able to do so (keeping my fingers crossed obviously :smiley: )

Btw quick question, I read the libraries we’re using for LED’s and edited them a bit too, and what I noticed was that they use the simple digitalread and digitalwrite to do their job. So I don’t really think I’ll need to add any new modules to connect my sensors and relays. Right? Because they’re all basically doing the same thing. If its not so kindly let me know :confused:

WiringPi worked!! So I’m using it to test out my application BUT as Steven said its better to move towards PIGPIO now, so I’m working on it and if I can’t get it done by the weekend I would love to hold a virtual session with you and understand how it works.
Also, tkinter is good but the outlook of the application is very outdated, I also tried GTK+ but all python GUI’s are useful but their presentation isn’t good which is necessary for my application.

Thank you very much for everything and let me know if the virtual meeting is possible for you.

I am free this weekend, and send me a personal message in the forum (click on my icon and send a message) and we can setup the time for a zoom meeting.

Glad to hear that you have WiringPi working. :slight_smile:

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Hi Amna,

You are correct. You don’t need to add any new modules just to switch things on/off or read pins as you now have all the commands in the wiringPi code you imported.

I recommend that you have the zoom meeting with Eugene that he kindly offered. He has more experience with PIGPIO than I do.

Glad you have got your project running and good luck.

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