Oddity happening with deployed web app (growing canvas does not grow)

You should upload a font that’s close to what you’re drawing, but the framework will fall back to Arial or whatever it finds to do the measurements.

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What drawing?

If you are not satisfied with your solution or someone else is doing a similar thing, I recommend using the control I made as part of my learning. I’d love to share it.
I am attaching an example of its simple use.
Usage is very simple, just add text like below:

TabRow1.Rows.Add("Example answer #1...")
TabRow1.Rows.Add("Example answer #2...") ...

To clear the list, just:


These are array operations functions.

The control has many settings such as background colors, fonts, frames and hovers. You can set the frame thickness. You can disable text selection. You can set the distance between responses.

Clicking on the selected answer can be read in the “Pressed” function, where the row parameter determines which answer was selected and its content.
Please contact us if you have any problems with operation.

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