non programmatically SQLite

The application includes nothing related to your “non programmatically created SQLite file”.

I checked that.

Thing at this feature as a way to “begins with” data base. Something far away from what is in the Introduction pdf. And only useful in the IDE.

That’s not correct. You can use the database element showing in the navigator like any other database instance. You can for example do somewhere in your code:

database1.SQLExecute(...) // or Dim rst As RecordSet = database1.SQLSelect(...)
The problem for Enric is that it is not possible to do:

SQLiteDatabase(database1).DatabaseFile = GetFolderItem(...)   // This line crashes the application

Internally the database1 instance in the navigator shows – when exported as text project – a line like:
but assigning a folder item with DatabaseFile does not change it (bug or never implemented).

Hi Eli,

I do not tried an export as text, but as xml and the “url” is coded in hex.

Beside getting an eye to how things can be done with Xojo, this is useless for a daily use.

The useless thing is not only in the .sqlite file location: once build, the application do nothing to the .sqlite file because it have no code, not because the file cannot be open from a different location.

In fact, the question is wrong. It have to be something like: “what else can I do without code with my data base file ?”

Of course, IMHO… and… I can be wrong !


check chapter 12 of the book here:

In the download archive you will find the PDF and the examples. Check in the folder Chapter 12, the example project: AddressBook.xojo_binary_project

for more informations. If you run into troubles come back here with your questions.

Thanks all.
I already use the databases creation by code.
I just tried to see the posibilities offered by Xojo menu Insert/Database/New SQLite Database, and tried to undersatand how it works.