Nil value for color ?

Am I wrong or on previous xojo editions you could set the color value straight from a palette ?

You don’t have Alpha in the color palette displayed by right click - Insert Color ...

Not correct, see NSColorPanel’s showsAlpha.

Eli, I am not talking about Apple’s framework. I am talking specifically about Xojo’s standard color picker (“displayed by right click - Insert Color …”). Multiplatform eventually at that.

It does not help. Since this is in the IDE, all we can hope is that eventually Norman finds it in his heart to add alpha.

But <> has been waiting since 2012, so it must not be that simple for all platforms …

Thankyou to everyone who has replied. After testing I have opted to set the default color value to &c00000001. This works well in my application.

While it may not technically be a real nil value as such, it is a value that is not reachable anywhere in the finished application, and therefore works fine for comparison purposes.