Needing assistance converting VB6 to XOJO

On the dropbox zip he posted above:


On the exe in the dropbox zip he posted above:


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a structure is a block of data with bytes. (similar to a memoryblock in xojo)
the scope was made private so you can use it only in this module.
and each piece of data have a name and a length. i believe Long was 4 bytes there.
about windows api declares you can read at the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) pages.

You are right! it looks like a class but it is not in xojo.
as example Java use classes for structs.

    public int dwLowDateTime; 
    public int dwHighDateTime;  

btw this VBnet Terms of Use was about publish the work of the author, not about asking for help.

Better safe than sorry. I’ve removed the link to that download. Thanks for checking it.

There is a code posted online everywhere so this can’t be going be diverted to talk about that. Like i said if I needed help with anything then you should have only done so and by chance you had a problem with my post then perhaps you would have changed it but you didn’t. You know, removing the link to my code, calling me out and diminishing what i can do has really put me in a distasteful disposition of which i do not feel this was ever warranted by any legal means. More than likely it could be seen we are sharing others code with meaningless distribution and copyright notices but to tell me to share my code and then condemn me has been too much of an ordeal for me to believe you aren’t picking on everyone else but me. thanks and please do shape up your means as i can see you all get along but for the new guy it’s an unfair advantage and it get me nowhere. it’s just how you objectify someone to a false narrative of beliefs and if it suites you one way then you disregard the actual reason of the forum posting. and if you have helped me it is seen as a good sign for me that i can pursue this field of expertise even without any classes or certifications. you know, alot of websites are going to store other people’s code to share with the public realms and that is really no different than this one regardless of any copyright or distribution notice, and perhaps it is because of a lack of our foresight and knowledge that we make such disagreeable claims but this is in your court and you have no right citing others for stealing in my opinion through the public eye. Just so you are aware not only is this code not copyright protected but also freely available on the internet. Let’s put it into perspective on account of it being on request that I shown what I needed help with instead of put me down as you so have. I am not sorry I mean I can’t respect how you’ve acted as a legal authority on the matter. How, a code can ever be copyrighted when it’s freely distributed over the internet. How can I pick up a rock off the ground to make a brick and be guilty of a crime then? It is so very narrow minded to me and I also have been stressed about having this over my head, and I would not have done this to you. Let’s clear up this situation and call it as intellectual property. How can someone post a code on the internet and make it freely available to copy and use while being protected by copyright and having intellectual property rights to that code? It’s just a rock on the ground! It’s public knowledge, just like Mister Julian posting a link to this code, and nobody says it was intellectual property. First of all you started acting like I was stealing. May I ask since you all have diverted this discussion what a valid example of stealing intellectual property rights is? Let’s be fair to everyone, that is interested in this programming language, who brings forward visual basic 6 code and know what is right and wrong regarding the matter.

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I’m sorry you’re so upset. The intent was not to admonish you, but to be sure that the original author of the code’s wishes were honored. Removing their Copyright notice doesn’t mean the code is free to share (or a rock on the ground), and you may find it more difficult than you anticipated to find a developer who’s OK with someone taking their name off of their work product summarily.

If you’d like to review the posts with information intended to help you with your original question and get back on track, that’d be great. Any further discussion about the Copyright issues will be removed.


I wonder where this form is

You can use the Find a Developer page on the Xojo web site to solicit help from a consultant.

Wondering how this will go. Seems interesting

well anyway i think i’ve had enough with it and am moving on

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