Need license key for realBasic, around 2008

I just sent one and received it in a yahoo account.

I have been distributing my software licence key as a zipped file since 2002. Sent more than 10,000 and i could count on one hand the number of clients that haven’t received it. Sent five today, no problem.
Because the key is an encrypted text file and contains non-ascii characters some mail programs deliver it corrupted if I send it raw.
So I zip it.
I’m saddened to hear that some people feel that file compression is a dangerous tool of the devil.
RIP Phillip Katz

All my clients use either Dropbox, Citrix Share, SFTP server, Cloud or some other comparable secure service for that purpose. The corresponding link is placed in the email itself.

[quote=466066:@Jeff Tullin]Wrong.
I just sent one and received it in a yahoo account.[/quote]

And I have been struggling with trying to send a zip file through gmail. It simply will not allow it, for me.

Go figure.

Not true for me at work where we use Gmail… Our Gmail won’t allow a zipped executable, but it certainly does zipped documents…

Maybe it’s an account setting thing?

  • karen

Could very well be Karen. Next time I am pulling my hair out, I’ll delve into that backend. :>

BTW we are only forced to Goggle Drive if a file is over a certain size … and then it does not matter if it is zipped or not.