D’Oh - dragged it out of drop box to test on my wife’s mac. Working again now.

Hi Wayne,

Any chance for a Windows version?

Windows Version.

Thanks Wayne. I will try it tonight.

hmmm…I don’t see an Edit menu on this version, in fact, the File menu is gone now.

BTW, I just tested some statements with 80 fields in it and it worked perfectly. A very nice time saver.

Works fine.
Thanks Wayne!

I like Wayne’s idea. So i build my own version of his application and added a few features.
Wayne told me, it’s ok to release my application on the internet.

Thank you Wayne!

You can find a screenshot and the binarys for Mac and Win here:

Save multiple Host Parameters for later use
Create Insert, Update and Delete Statements
Select Comment Style
Use your own Database Names and PreparedStatement Names
Copy&Paste Xojo ready Code
OS X and Windows Builds
Resizable Window
Supports OS X Native Fullscreen
Multilanguage Support (English, Deutsch)

Just uploaded 1.0.1 which fixes a minor bug regarding the Bind and BindType counter and added a Linux Binary.

I would like to add french localization and other languages too, but i need help with that. Because i do not speak french (english also not very well btw…). If someone would like to help with the translation, i would be really happy.

Sascha, this looks good. Very nice. I can update the English for you? I’ll make a pdf and add in the English version where it’s different.


[quote=35885:@Duane Mitchell]Sascha, this looks good. Very nice. I can update the English for you? I’ll make a pdf and add in the English version where it’s different.


Duane, thank you.

There is a Lingua File for the english translation:

I highly appreciate your help.

Not sure what to do with a lingua file? I’d be happy to learn but I’m getting a lot of strange characters when I view it. I did go through the interface and translate to English. I’ll send you a PM of it.

Lingua is a Tool from the official Xojo Website. It’s made for translation of Xojo Stringfiles.
You can find it here:

Updated the field to type conversion in version 1.0.2
Added Update and Delete function for Hosts, in Version 1.1.0

Well the English that I’m seeing looks pretty good to me. Do I go through this and add the English word to each platform or is it good without platform specific words?

If it’s not platform specific, it’s good for all platforms.

This is very hard.

OK, well the lingua file I downloaded looks good. What next?

Simply open the file in the Lingua App. Edit the strings. Save the file. :slight_smile:

BTW, here’s an image of the app (German Layout):

Is there any reason to user Prepared Statements over a function that escapes out bad characters? I have two methods depending on if it is a column name between “`” or a string between “’”. I escape backslashes and then the enclosing tick or single quote.

  1. Servers receive your SQL code, analyze, create a plan of execution, create a compiled solution for your query, cache that “binary” solution to be used again, and execute the query with your parameters. When you use a Prepared Statement and resubmit the same query, changing just the parameters, the server skips the “compiling part” and goes direct to the “Do it” part. :).
  2. You just forget the “escaping” needs to avoid injections, the prepared statements takes care of it for you.