Move mouse pointer to to a specific position on a window

  • Remove #if TargetWin32 and #Endif
  • Add
system.debuglog currentMethodname

-click the button
-Open the messages pane under the IDE (third icon). You should see something like Pushbutton1.Action. If that was not the case, for some reason, your button Action event does not fire and that is the issue.

RE: Move cursor…
Just a test to see if I can get the cursor/pointer to move to a different position…
Messages pane displays Window1.PushButton1.Action each time I click the button
But the cursor stays where it is - SEE IMAGES

[quote=301809:@Michel Bujardet]Stuart, do you actually read the posts ?[/quote]

Why so patronising Michel?
Yes Iv’e read the controller information - Have you read my posts?
I don’t need to know how to turn off the movie players controls…
I need to stop users right clicking the movie player and being able to stop/pause/full screen the CURRENTLY RUNNING MOVIE
I thought the best way was to move the cursor out of the movie player area (MouseEnter)
Covering the Movie Player with a canvas and adding Return True in the MouseDown event doesn’t work in Windows 10 - it only stops a single click, not double click or right click.

Try moving the cursor out in the MouseMove message?
Weird that the canvas is only stopping one type of mouse click… I will be at a Windows 10 machine in a couple of days (sorry, all Mac at home) so will see if I can help you more…