More Flicker on Windows

[quote=346996:@Neil Burkholder]I tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

You’re right the container scrolls off the top. I’ll look into it.[/quote]

I doubt you can fix it. It’s old issue, similar to this one . I’ve invested a lot of time to fix scrolling issue and come with a really hard coding solution. A solution that required to coding the solution from scratch for every projects.

But, you know it’s not harm to try :wink:

[quote=346904:@Neil Burkholder]This should work better. [/quote]

@Neil Burkholder - congratulations - this is a GREAT peace of work.
(To be onnest: on my Windows 10 i like it most with animation switched off.)

BTW: did not have any exceptions.

Actually I hate the animation on windows. It’s still to ‘choppy’.