Monterey 12.3 and App Wrapper

As you may be aware Apple made some changes that have affected App Wrapper. Some kind testers had informed me of the problems they faced and I thought I’d understood the cause and provided a duct tape workaround.

However since updating to the Monterey 12.3 final release, I am unable to even run App Wrapper in the Xojo IDE.

My replacement for Apple’s API is far off and I would like a to give it a lengthy trial period before release, so I’m working my way through this with more duct tape and super glue. I will update this post once I can get App Wrapper to launch.

In the mean-time if you need to use App Wrapper today, DO NOT UPDATE TO MONTEREY 12.3.


Are you able to share which API change/removal is to blame? Looking at the notes, I don’t see anything obvious, so I’m just curious.

It’s to do with a function for quickly providing a map of all the files within the bundle, Apple have changed the results, ever so slightly, but it’s enough to break code that’s been working for 3 years.

Version 4.4.1 Beta 3 is now available for testing. I think I’ve found all the ways the function is broken. I was finally able to run App Wrapper, it was also able to wrap itself.

I’ve also been able to run and wrap a couple of other programs, I’ve also tested the applications on macOS 10.13.


I checked this link a little while ago, and it was still for the expired Beta 1. Sam had already privately supplied me with Beta 2, and it works.

Edit from Future Jerry: Never mind. I just now revisited the page and still only saw Beta 1. But Good Things Happen when you refresh the page. :slight_smile:

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