Mobile web apps do not survive changing from cell data to wifi data

And YAY Thanks Apple for suddenly & arbitrarily sucking up ALL my cell data without me knowing the damned feature was there and causing overages on my cell bil

YAY feature

I remember this being an issue with the HP Atlanta center back in 2003 where the IP address changed from request to request between eight different IP addresses. I had to make that kind of change to our stack back then.

Dual WAN routers are fairly common, though most of them have built-in rules to avoid doing like this (often, if the requests are over HTTPS/SSL then the router will keep all requests on a single outgoing WAN IP address).

I was not aware of that new feature. Rather interesting for mobile users who have a plan where cell data is generous enough. Others will have to switch off cell data like we used to do in foreign countries. Gosh, I would have been lost many a time recently in New York without it, though.

This is crucial IMHO since now mobile, and singularly iPhones, have been representing a HUGE part of web browsing. See

[quote=220000:@Norman Palardy]And YAY Thanks Apple for suddenly & arbitrarily sucking up ALL my cell data without me knowing the damned feature was there and causing overages on my cell bil

YAY feature[/quote]
Yes. It’s causing all sorts of trouble for people. But it’s not supposed to do it without your knowing. It’s supposed to hide the wifi icon if it turns on. I just listened through the developer conference video from spoke about it.

What they need to do is fix wifi so that it knows when it’s out of useful range in a reasonable amount of time. Or they are going to have to adjust their timing for this or everybody will just turn it off. I think it’s s great idea it’s just a little too aggressive in this first release.

Oh it does
Just paid my wife’s cell bill and she was over by a fair bit - fortunately the overage was all in country & not wildly expensive

Hiding the icon is so subtle its effectively useless - no one notices that its such a small subtle change in the normal UI

I think the guys at apple must have very good wifi and I think Apple must pay their cell bills :wink: I would be VERY much surprised if the 0.3 iOS version update didn’t contain a significant change to those timing thresholds.

On my list of stuff I knew I wouldn’t get to that day, the last 3 days, has been getting the wifi extender at the kids end of the house working because my daughter likes to use her phone in there and it’s on the edge of the Wifi. She has used a lot of data lately and I’m blaming it on that. But she can use that much in a regular week too if she’s heavily instagramming :wink: So I can’t tell for sure.

I just wish wifi would switch over better to the best network within range and turn off before you have to wait 3 minutes for things to timeout. In my head I imagine some infighting between the various groups at apple :wink: The safari guys complaining to the wifi networking group that their long timeouts and inability to switch to better wifi networks is making them look bad and slow and the wifi guys telling them that is the spec and it’s working perfectly according to the white paper. And so the one group took it upon themselves to come up with a solution separate from the wifi drivers themselves… I walk into my office which always has a small local network shared from my computer and my iPhone stays on the downstairs wifi that it can’t actually reach from here. It takes it half an hour of sitting on my desk dropping packets before it decides to switch. That really is broken, I’m just not sure this is the best solution. Should have fixed wifi first.

We’re going to have to deal with this now though no matter what they do I doubt it’s going away.

Wow, this is a mess - and I had no idea that this new “feature” even existed.

And yeah, I guess it isn’t a problem if someone else is paying for your data plan. Must be nice…

Ideally, in iOS, we’d be able to specify the type of network connections (wifi or cell) that each app can make. There are some apps that I never, ever want to make network connections over cellular.

About Wi-Fi Assist

You can do this :slight_smile: It’s under the cellular tag of the preferences app. You can turn off cellular data for any program that has registered for data access. But it’s up to the user, I’m not aware that the developer can specify ahead of time that their app shouldn’t use cell data.

I had no idea that this was already available.

Thanks, James!

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Kudos, Greg :slight_smile: