MBS Xojo Developer Conference Update

Just three weeks until the conference starts. We look forward to an intense week and meeting you all. You can still sign-up and join the conference and/or training day.

Currently we have over 40 people from 14 countries:

:de:, :netherlands:, :uk:, :us:, :fr:, :switzerland:, :es:, :canada:, :poland:, :austria:, :denmark:, :sweden:, :belgium: & :it:

Last hotel room

Our room allocation expired. I kept one last room for a late sign-up attendee. Who likes to get that room?

Sight seeing day

We still have a few seats available for sight seeing day. If someone likes to come earlier to Germany and join our sight seeing tour, please let me know.

Exact tour depends on the weather, but we plan to visit a middle-age castle, some ruins and some nice views on the landscape.

Forum threads

Weโ€™ll have dinner every night somewhere and if you are late, please check the forums. We plan to have threads on the Xojo forum to post pictures and locations in case you miss the group.

Email to attendees

Every attendee got an email with the details we have on file. To get accurate numbers for our reservations, please check and let us know if something is wrong.

Conference: yes/no
Training day: yes/no
Hotel room: yes/no
Monday evening: yes/no
Sight Seeing tour: yes/no
Tuesday evening: yes/no
Wednesday evening: yes/no
Thursday evening: yes/no
Friday evening: yes/no
Saturday Geyser tour: yes/no

Please check if this is right for you in your email and let us know if there is a need for a change.

Spring arrived in Andernach:

Just went there by bicycle for fun on such a nice weekend.
Stopped for a great ice cream cone and back home.
Nice to see all the cafรฉs open and people sitting there enjoying their time.
And a ton of flowers :slight_smile:

The Geyser tour ship is also back in service:


And some pictures from the outlook above the city:

but first look toward the left to Leutesdorf, a village with several wineries:

The mountains on the other side of the Rhine from Andernach:

and a close look towards the hotel and the promenade:

From this morning.

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Although the hotel shows as booked out on their website, we still have one room left.
For the last two registrations, we got free rooms, but now it seems to be full except one reserved room.
Let me know if someone needs that and like to register.

Just two weeks until the conference starts. Spring arrived in Andernach and the city looks beautiful with all the flowers in parks and gardens.

You can still sign-up and join our conference and/or training day.

Currently we have over 40 people from 14 countries:

:de:, :netherlands:, :uk:, :us:, :fr:, :switzerland:, :es:, :canada:, :poland:, :austria:, :denmark:, :sweden:, :belgium: & :it:

Picture of the sky bar.

Dinner on Tuesday

If you arrive early and you join the Tuesday dinner, please meet in front of the hotel with other attendees at 18 oโ€™clock.

We then walk over to Villa am Rhein, the hotel on the other side of the street to go to their restaurant.

The address is Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 3. Our hotel has house number 8. Walking distance is less than 100 meter.

Food intolerances

Well, food intolerances are serious. We know people who get trouble breathing when eating a crumb of peanut inside something. Others get abdominal cramps or diarrhea if their food contains something like gluten or fructose. Humans are very different in what they can have and you can be happy if you can eat anything.

Let us know if you have a medical food intolerance and we may forward your request to the restaurants. If you just donโ€™t like something or you donโ€™t eat something by choice, please pick wisely on the menu or from the buffet. There are always some vegetarian options available.

Passports and VISA ready?

Everyone coming from outside the EU, please make sure you have a valid passport for entering the Schengen area. While there are no border controls within the Schengen area, the outside border includes checkpoints.

Please check that your passport is valid for at least a few days after your planned return date. We really donโ€™t like surprises there.

Your passport must feature your own handwritten signature. Please use a waterproof pen and donโ€™t sign it in front of the border agent. Do it before you come to the border checkpoint.

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System will start in May 2025, so you donโ€™t yet need to pre-register like we do for entering the USA or Canada.

If you ask yourself whether you need a VISA, check the wikipedia article with the map.

Carry some cash

If you visit Germany, please note that quite a few companies take card payments. But it is quite common in Germany to see small shops, restaurants or even tourist places to not take card payments, or take debit but not credit card and especially may not to take foreign cards. Please keep a bit of Euro cash in your pocket. Including a few coins for a machine to pay for car park or to get a snack.

It annoys us also when a shop only takes card if you purchase at least 10 Euro of goods. Or when they ask to pay for using the rest rooms. The later can often be overcome by looking for public restrooms, e.g. in Andernach is one in the city call.

To get cash, please use an ATM at a bank branch. Do not go to an exchange office as they charge a lot as well as ATMs at the train station or a free standing one. There you may often see an extra 5 Euro charged for using them.


And I can share some pictures from the other side of the Rhine.

The big tower and the church:

and the hotel:


Nice! I am looking forward meeting all of you!


Conference starts next week.
Still time to sign up and join us!


Weather is rainy this week, but next week looks better!

Please bring a jacket as it will be chilly here and we may have a few rain showers in the week.

Weather looks good for next week:

From 10 to 15ยฐC, so please bring a jacket. Since it is April, we expect weather to change often and get surprise showers, but this looks better than this week.

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Just one week left until the conference starts. Spring arrived in Andernach and the city looks beautiful with all the flowers in parks and gardens.

Outside picture of the hotel showing the front door and lift.

You can still sign-up and join our conference and/or training day.

Currently we have over 40 people from 14 countries:

:de:, :netherlands:, :uk:, :us:, :fr:, :switzerland:, :es:, :canada:, :poland:, :austria:, :denmark:, :sweden:, :belgium: & :it:

Seems like cancellations (please get well soon!) and last minute registrations balance out.


For every day we want to give you the chance to talk to people. Please sit next to someone different each time, so you can talk to as many attendees as possible:

Day Where Note
Monday TBA We walk to Marketplace and pick one there
Tuesday Villa am Rhein We meet 17:45 oโ€™clock in front of hotel.
Wednesday Einstein Hotel Skybar Just come upstairs 18 oโ€™clock or later.
Thursday Baggerado Bus leaves 17:30 oโ€™clock in front of the hotel
Friday Taverne Olympus We leave 17:40 oโ€™clock in front of the hotel to walk over.


Please charge all devices in your room in the morning or over night.

We will have some multi sockets there, but there may not be power on every seat.

Updates on the Xojo Forum

We plan to have forum threads for posting updates as well as putting some on social media. Especially I plan to post where we go, so people being late can follow.

Please stay tuned and subscribe to forum threads to follow.


Time to go through slides another time to find typos and maybe add a few details:

If any speaker needs the template, we could share it.

And first people are starting their travel.
Yes, if you fly over from America, you may fly earlier and do a bit of sight seeing or stop in a few places on the way.