MBS Xojo Conference: Thursday

[quote=460125:@Christian Schmitz]Thanks everyone for coming to the dinner!
Have a good night.[/quote]
Thanks a lot for all the work done! It was a very interesting first day, and an honor and pleasure to share the dinner table with Geoff Perlman and his wife in the evening, and also with other old Xojo friends.
I‘m looking forward to todays program, starting in a couple of hours.

Which is now already… good morning everybody. This was a short night.
@Ulrich Bogun will kick off today with a presentation about the Accelerate Framework in Apple apps.

[quote=460078:@Karen Atkocius]Changing the event names is unlike ANY change that has happened in my 18+ years of using the product… To characterize it differently IMO ether shows a total misunderstanding of that or is dishonest (sales talk).

  • Karen[/quote]
    Every time we have added a new event either to an existing class or a new class, as soon as you used that event, your project was no longer backward compatible. That’s been true since v2 in 19 years ago.

However, you don’t have to change to the new events. You can continue using the old events and only change when you are ready to change.