MacOS IAP Example

Apple has been merging the two platforms since at least 2018, it’s just becoming more and more obvious.

He also stated they were NOT merging the two platforms, and yet here we are.

Why sell people one device, when you can sell 'em two.

This is how I know that Federighi was talking ■■■■■■■■. Overtime, not only have iOS bugs appear in the macOS, but even to the point that last year, macOS functionality stopped working and the solution was to use documented iOS methodology to solve the problem. Apple still haven’t updated their docs and I can see on the Apple Developer forums, that developers are continuing to face this problem.

Merging the platforms makes sense, but it was the lying and the lack of care that makes this sad.

I heard that there is no longer any macOS team. If indeed the iOS team is in charge of macOS, makes sense.

About iOS and iPad Pro, chances are they sell many more of them than Macs. Which explains the lack of care for the later.

About lies, if indeed Apple spots an opportunity in making Mac touch enabled, they will indeed forget any statement from Federighi. Since today the first computer is an iPhone, and since now macOS runs iOS apps, the writing is on the wall.