ListBox CellHelpTag not shown in 64Bit Apps

[quote=254326:@Beatrix Willius]Do attached windows work in 64bit? Probably the window is too large for a listbox.

See . I’ve got a wrapper for this if you want to have a look.[/quote]

Although, I have a solution resembling it I think, I would be interessted too.

[quote=254320:@Marco Hof]I think none of the tooltips work on 64-bit OS X Apps as mentioned here .
I ended up subclassing this solution.
Maybe it helps.[/quote]

A good one too. I know what your code is doing but posting it encrypted seems like showing off but not helpful. Then just drop
the idea and let it go. As you see you get little to nothing attention/kudos for it.

[quote=254337:@Beatrix Willius]@Sascha: I’m using attached windows instead of helptags:


If you set back the focus to the mainwindow, the helptag window effect could be increased but it’s totaly fine like it is.

Oops. Sorry for that.
This one works on 64-bit.

[quote=254398:@Marco Hof]Oops. Sorry for that.
This one works on 64-bit.[/quote]
This is very interesting, but how do we turn off the ListBox’s default cell helptag (32bit)? I’m getting a double whammy.

Also, should the right label’s tip in the example be shown to the left of the Mouse Pointer?

No, I don’t think you can easily switch CellHelpTags off other than empty them. :confused:
In case of a ListBox, I either use the Celltag or the rowtag.
In this example, I simply stuffed it in an invisible cell (width 0).

  // Show Cell Helptag
  Dim row As Integer = Me.RowFromXY(X, Y)
  Dim column As Integer = Me.ColumnFromXY(X, Y)
  // Grab the Helptext from column 3
  If row > -1 And column = 2 And Me.CellHelpTag(row, 3) <> "" Then
    MHMouseTip.Show(Me.CellHelpTag(row, 3))
  End If

[quote=265198:@Tim Jones]
Also, should the right label’s tip in the example be shown to the left of the Mouse Pointer?[/quote]
If I remember correctly, the tip shows outside the main window but flips if it doesn’t fit on the screen/monitor anymore.