Label Printers / Mac

That is what I assumed; I was just wondering if there is some particular good reason an HTTP request on a local network would be disallowed. It does make me wonder if there are any products out there supporting a similar interface that are explicitly approved for use by the government. My original point was more that it is a powerful tool to consider and one that I would recommend everyone needing to implement this type of printing consider, especially if using a web app since web browsers do not allow for printing without a dialog.

I worked for a healthcare company that had an internal web app (not Xojo) that handled Physican Information (not patient)… information that is publically available thru 3rd party sources. Yet the level of encryption/security required by the Sox Audit was absurd

I am not familiar with any Brother hardware, but if you can interface, that could be a great option!

What is funny about the encryption is that, if the app supported printing (which I’m assuming it would), most printers don’t communicate using encryption. If their printers were networked, it wouldn’t be much different. I don’t know about a standard printer that handles this yet, but Zebra’s products have a programming language called ZBI that you might be able to decrypt a print request within the printer itself. Zebra does also provide healthcare compliant models, but I’m not sure if that is based purely on physical materials or any software differences.