Keyboard on touchscreen

[quote=309062:@William Reynolds]Joost/Massimo - I wanted to ask if you’ve made any progress on an ideal Virtual Keyboard project. I tried using both the Florence and Matchbox virtual keyboards, and they seem very buggy, in fact so buggy that I had to roll back and get rid of them all together.

So I’m checking with you to see if you or anyone you know has a good Xojo-based solution.

Many thanks for your feedback.[/quote]

Hi William, i never finished my work because the project was stopped, but the on-screen keyboard was almost finished, if you want i can share with you some code.

Joost: I agree that commercial opportunities are rare - I’m glad to work in a lot of R&D, and proof-of-concept projects in industrial automation are perfect for this application. My need for a good touch-screen keyboard solution is driven by a recent RPi project we’re running in support of a large data collection effort (24 RPi’s w/touch screens, piping data into an industrial control system). I wish I had projects like this more often!

Massimo: I’ll send you a direct message, and if you do share any code I’ll be happy to contribute and make any finished code openly available for you :slight_smile: (same goes for anyone else on the list)

Norman: I think I’m about 16-years deep with RealBasic (oops! I mean xojo), and could not be happier. We’d all like to see remote debugging etc. - but for now there’s no easier (or better) way for me to get my Web/x-Platform/RPi needs met! Have a great 2017!

Thanks for sharing. Think so too, but still a lot that could be done to get even more happy with the RPI platform and Xojo.
@William Reynolds : you use RPI for industrial automation ? Nice. Since I come from being an electronic engineer these projects I like most.