JSONMBS usage?

I had one error (in three locations). I now have to turn my Variant into a String before I can use it to create a New JSONMBS(String) , but that’s OK.

JSONMBS in 23.5pr1 does not have the “Value” methods, e.g. jsonMbsObject.Value("key") = "value"


  • property Value(index As Integer) as Variant
  • property Value(Key As String) as Variant

ist listed on the website!?
Are you sure the new plugin is loaded?

Yes, the Set-ters for .Value are not (yet) available.

use JSONMBS as JSONItem replacement itself

So one can’t use it as a replacement (by renaming JSONItemJSONMBS).

Additionally: MBS.VersionNumber returns 23.4 (expected: 23.5).
So one can’t use conditional compilation for testing the changes while still using 23.4 for productive usage:

#if MBS.VersionNumber < 23.5 then
  'existing productive (shared) code
  'modified to work with MBS 23.5

I know of the version number problem. Fixed for pr2, but confused a few users.

The Value setter works for me already:

Dim j As New JSONMBS
j.Value("test") = 1234