Is web use down?

Nothing is ever guaranteed in computing. Xojo inc can also disappear in 6 months, Geoff can retire and sell the company, web 2 can also be stopped, etc.

There was not only this blog post, there were many discussions between Xojo and its customers about this. If there are changes that break the framework (web browsers, operating systems, new mandatory cryptos, etc.), Xojo will update the 2019 version to keep the framework running, as with its last few versions.

It’s a bit like with API 1, old projects built with API 1 will die by themselves before API 1 stops. It’s the same with web 1. For new projects, it’s better to start with web 2. But it’s a pity that Xojo didn’t ensure a continuity of development for its framework, it was however a strength of Xojo.

The Xojo team itself does not rewrite its big project (the IDE) with the new methods. It would have been written with the web framework, it would have been the same, it would have been a much too expensive work. For this kind of big project, it is generally better to wait until a complete redesign of your own project is necessary (thus a major rewrite of the project) to switch to a new framework.

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Uh, no. During the 10 years of the first framework, many mastered the product after a while too, but there was always a great positive momentum for this framework, constantly new users, a still very active and passionate forum, etc.

It is improvig, but if you knew that it wasnt an overnight process, an it is taking many years, it is a shame xojo decidet to kill the framework that was somewhat mature enought and replace it with one that was unusable in many cases (Yes I tested and my web apps were not posible with Web 2.0 out of the box )

Absolutly, and those same users, were really excited about the new version, expecting the long waited bug fixes and many improvements. But when the company decides to abandone the product that is somewhat mature and you have mastered to replace it wit something that is not usable (Yes I tested and my apps were not posible with Web 2.0 out the box due to many bugs and poor performance on many items)…

They can promisse that, but the fact is that user left on web 1.0 dont have bug fixes, dont have the IDE improvements of the new versions and dont have new features like PDF so, it is abandoned.

Im glad that Web 2.0 is improving but is not there yet, lets see how many more years it takes. unfortunately, this gap beetwee, an abandoned web 1 and the not mature web 2 that xojo created, made the product lose its momentum. Maybe if the web 1.0 were still there to mantain legacy proyects and Web for new ones… as many suggested, but…

Well, now we have at least one active thread in “Web”…


Without pointing fingers at anyone it is just wrong philosophy of pretension behind a product like xojo. Web 2.0 has retained all the ease of use of version 1.0. I would like to know where is the much difficulty that requires knowledge of JS and CSS when all you need to set the style is a “control.Style.” On web1.0 there were those pesky style elements that I couldn’t even remember what was in them. If I had to change one border I had to duplicate the whole sheet and invent names to differentiate them. It is true there are some missing events on the controls that could be added, but like so many things missing on the desktop version there are many plugins that do the job for you. On the desktop version no one complains, on the web they do.

The only problem users have (especially those who don’t program as their main job) is related to WebListbox bugs and laziness to migrate to API 2.0.
You can’t expect a product like Xojo web to be neutered because you are not a programmer and therefore want things simple.
There are many people working on it and creating huge software(there is a thread on the forum where you can see how many lines of code and software have been developed). If xojo just hid the css and js aspects it would be a downfall for all of us. First you have to fix the Web 2.0 engine then think about the graphic style. Technology is advancing and it is only fair that the product be updated. I don’t go to the dealership is I tell them I want the car like my old one because then I am able to fix it myself…if I have problems I take it to the mechanic!

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You can’t expect a product like Xojo web to be neutered because you are not a programmer and therefore want things simple.

From am RAD standpoint, I would use this list:

  • Define a minimum viable product (MVP) in terms of UI elements available and functionality
  • Make sure it has no showstopper bugs
  • Make it extensible for more refined applications

Hi @Ivan_Tellez ,
Certainly there are still many problems to be solved on Web 2.0 however I looked at your reports on “Issues” and I didn’t see one regarding the new framework. I don’t know if you rate (thumbs up) cases reported by other users, but I think it is very useful if you know of unreported problems to share them with all of us.

If you weren’t reporting issues because you thought they weren’t being solved I can assure you that @Ricardo_Cruz and the team have been doing a great job lately!


Except for known bugs it is so…
-UI elements are the same as in web1.0
-The mode of creation and design is identical to web1.0
-If you want to extend the functionality there is WebSDK (which is different from 1.0 but doesn’t change the logic that much)

That’s a wild guess I believe. I have no stakes in the discussion as I have no extensive Web App running but I don’t think it’s just the users who, as you put it, don’t program as their main job. Even if it were, they pay the same as “programmers” for the software, so their opinions are no less valuable.


I can second it’s not just users who don’t program as part of their main job.

Also, my only issue wasn’t the WebListBox.

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Certainly their opinion matters, no one has questioned that. But you cannot “claim” or “assert” that the product changes for you. Also, I keep seeing people just complaining and not creating feedback cases about the bug. If problems are not reported they will never be fixed, and if you wait for others to do it for problems of your own it is not honest to the community.

Numbers to improve the Web version should be done on “issues” not on the forum.

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Last time I checked there is not even a single working control example in the new WebSDK.

(Which is why I flat out abandoned making things for the Web 2 and discontinued web controls that had been made for Web 1)

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WebSDK examples are definitely working, not sure which version you’ve used, but I’ve just double checked and they work in current release.

We will have a WebSDK session in the Xojo Developer Retreat, by the way.


Yes, a few more examples would not hurt however, something is there. Basically there are only two concepts to understand:
1: use serialize to pass data to updateControl().
2: update the data or redraw the control each time the updateControl is invoked with the new data

There are some minor bugs that I reported but I can assure you that you can import almost any js library without any problems. As mentioned above I have created a new weblistbox, imported JSPanel(featured on the forum although that is just a wrapper from SDk1.0), made vertical/horizontal toolbars, googlechart, TinyMCE,VisJS, uppyjs, fullcalendar,noty,autonumeric,Tagify and a few others. Thanks to handleRequest on the control you can also do many things that on WebSDK1.0 was not possible.


The WebSDK examples are on a “hello world” level. There is only “// Use this method to serialize the data your control needs for initial setup” and the like in the example “SDK Examples”.


That’s different from “examples aren’t working”. I’ll check if there is a Feature Request to bring more examples to the WebSDK project, I’ll open one if not.

You know what’d be really handy would be to see inside WebButton. It’s stylable, receives property updates, and sends data to the server. It covers tons of basics without being a complex control. It’d be a far better example than the Gravatar one.

Also, if you get the chance, please make the WebSDK documentation not suck. It’s so hard to use, it’s blinding to those of us who need dark mode, and it has holes that were never filled even though the tickets were closed.


The Feature Request:
Add more WebSDK examples

Please add there any example idea that could help you understand how the WebSDK works and improve the examples :pray:


Our Board made the decision to ride out our Web 1.0 app and develop a replacement in a different environment. Primary reason was not difficulty of transition to Web 2.0. But rather the availability of programmers in our area. The local college kicks out programmers we can hire and put immediately to work. Not have to retrain. I have been watching Web 2.0 and it is going in the right direction. I wish Xojo much success with it!


Almost all my FC about web 2.0 are private. Those were on the beta tester channell.

Web 1.0 received very few bug fixes and features in the las years of its life because Xojo take time from it to web 2.0, I was one of the many people exited about the new Web framework, and was really disapointed with what they deliver.

But yes, after that, looking the amount of unsolved bugs and the need to upvote to fix a very basic control not working, looking those reports verified and not fixed for various releases, yes it feels like a waste of time to keep the beta tester work and keep waiting for the produt to achieve a functional level.

Take for example this, almost a year to fix a control not working: Web 2.0 date picker on WebDialog problem - #9 by Ivan_Tellez

“it works” as a hellow world, but not as a full control example. Those are really basic and dont cover much. The documentation is scarse, and the IDE sucks for this job.

And yes I did a Feature Request to improve that last one when trying to do use the SDK to cover the big holes in the framework and before realizing that redoing most of the controls to have a working tool was not wort it.

Again, Im glad web is moving forward, but beetween the Web 1.0 stop being actively updated and now that web 2.0 is improving were like 5 years, people cant just wait.