Is there a way to make PWA apps?

We are looking into making an Android app using Android Studio, however, our specific design case makes it easier to develop a PWA. Is there a way to make a PWA in the newest XOJO version?

I don’t think something changed from the time of this post:

Thanks, Alberto.

Has nothing changed on this topic, in the new version 2021 ?

There are many things wrong with PWA beyond Xojo’s inability to do it. I highly recommend you do not do this. If you want an “app” that user doesn’t have to install they can still pin it to Home Screen without needing to be a PWA generally. Or, you can make an app that’s effectively a shell for a web view that does some local storage. Or, you can just build a mobile friendly web app that uses local storage and generally feels responsive.

PWA’s themselves are poorly and inconsistently implement and fraught with issues. At the end of the day none of the browsers or mobile vendors actually want them to succeed.

Thanks, Phillip and Alberto for your answers.
I already gave up on creating a PWA.
While Greg O’Lone hits the spot with a basic server request, Phillip closes the argument with the problems that PWA has.

Is there anyone in this forum who has developed for Android?

While XOJO Android gets finished, I am looking for a way to implement XOJO CLOUD with a native Android app through the use of APIs. Although, I do have to make it kind of quickly.

Is it possible to open this ANDROID topic on the forum?