Is there a difference between Intel Macs and M1 Macs?

That’s what I did.
It is: SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child(“XOJO PROGRAMS”).Child(“Eisen.sqlite”)
It keeps on telling me that th DB is closed while it works perfectly on the iMac (same app)

Xojo 2021r3.1

I tried with Permission reset. No change

Var f As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child(“XOJO PROGRAMS”).Child(“Eisen.sqlite”)

Inspect f properties. Exists, Read, Write, Errorcode, Permissions, etc.

Compare differences of f in Catalina and Monterey

I just tested it.
Moving the DB in a folder inside “Documents” everything works fine. Not so if I leave it in Application Support.

That’s not the way an app should run unless designed to expose some files in documents.
I insist you should try to find where is the fail between your app and Monterey M1.

Also, don’t use a generic name folder as “XOJO PROGRAMS” for your app. Use one specifically tailored for that ONE app. Also don’t use spaces. Apple “likes” folders as “com.mydomainidentification.myspecificapplicationname” like “com.sorbiapps.myeisenapp”

The only glitch I see is that the app asks for a permission to access files inside the Documento folder. Is there a way to prevent such a request?

Agree but I wouldn’t know how to do it

Do this research and post here what you found

Also change the folder name to a better standard, that should be created by your app, not manually.


Actually “XOJO PROGRAMS” is a container for other folders specific to each single DB.

May I ask how?

You can, but if I do not gave it it is because I only remember having asked in this foruml, get an answer, implemented it, but in what project ?

Do you have AppWrapper ?

This is a bad name choice, unless it is just tool used only by you, and no other Xojo user invents to create a folder named “XOJO PROGRAMS” that you download from somewhere and you guys clash contents and some of you will have things broken.

No. I don’t

It’s only used by me. No interference

Well… My time is up. I hope you find where is the error. :wink:

Thanks anyway

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Sorry. What I used was for HTMLViewer…

Maybe an extra entry in the application PLIST ?
I searched “allow read permission in plist”, but nothing found.

I don’t know. My app does not even have a PLIST