iOS Extension: UITextfield

Hi Ulrich,

little problem…

ImageView1 and Button1 of SplashView work well in the simulator, but do not work on iPhone, iPadMini? The other animations, Label1 and Button2 are fine… Actually want to use something like ImageView1…

Thanks for your feedback, Nic! The difference is the first animations start in the open event which may be too early for real devices, probably the animation is set to its end value instantaneously (just wild guessing).
Have you checked in the Graphics demo project if the animations that are started with a button tap do run?
In that case, I would either implement a DidMoveToWindow event handler instead of the open event I used or trigger them with a timer.calllater like I did with the Splash animations that do run.

P.S.: The name conflicts should now be handled although Jason wrote Apple complained about timeStamp too which is up to my knowledge an official selector name. I am sorry but I have no projects currently ready for submission so you all are practically condemned to be beta testers …

Thanks, Ulrich. Went for the timer option and now it starts fine, but unlike on the simulator, on the phone and pad the graphic moves out of screen top left corner. (using the values of the splash screen ImageView1), trying to find a solution but takes time since every time I have to compile…

This could still be a problem of the event stage. On the open event, many properties are unknown to a control yet, its frame being one of them. Maybe it helps if you hardcode the animation start and end positions instead of zooming to the view’s position which could still be unknown. And yes, having to compile each time surely is a show stopper. Hopefully Apple will spend some time on improving the simulator soon.

Thanks Ulrich, not sure how to code the start and end positions… Any description or manual link? Thanks!

It depends a bit on what animation you’re using.
You might want to check the positioning of the controls by a system.debuglog controlname.appleview.frame.origin.x.totext if they seem to be positioned beyond the view’s bounds and, if they should be, set their position with a controlname.AppleView.Frame = NSRectMake (x,y,w,h).

Yes Ulrich, the positioning worked well now… Thanks so much!