Intercepting the Cocoa contextual menu

@Lennox Jacob
Is not so clear on how you implement a new item in the finder contextual menu. If there is any Declare to use It is
missing for me.
Can you submit a little POC to help us ?
Thanks you

I think because you hijacked an old thread instead of creating your own that people are confused as to what you’re trying to achieve. The Quote Lennox used was about creating a contextual menu within your app that includes system items.

You are not going to be able to create a Finder contextual menu item in Xojo any faster than if you did it with Xcode. Xojo is simply not set up for it. This is the only article I could find that didn’t say anything specifically about the item ending up in the Services menu.

Yes. I don’t need to integrate systems Items in my Application contextual menu. I will start A new thread. I need to know how declares to use to create my own custom items into Finder contextual menu.
Thanks you.

[quote=237806:@Lennox Jacob]Hi Jonathan,

Could you provide an example project?

I am not finding EditSpellingandGrammar in MacOSLib.



Actually, I assign classes that are in MacOSLib as supers for the corresponding menuItem in the IDE:

Show Spelling And Grammar -> CocoaMenuItemShowSpelling
Check SpellingNow -> CocoaMenuItemCheckDocumentNow
Check Spelling While Typing -> CocoaMenuItemCheckSpellingWhileTyping
Correct Spelling Automatically -> CocoaMenuItemCorrectSpelling

For an example look in MacOSLib -> Application -> MainMenubar -> EditMenu